About Ann Quinlan

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Ann Quinlan


It is my honor to offer a testimonial to the outstanding geriatric care management work that Ann Quinlan has provided to serve families and their loved ones.

I have worked with Ann to successfully problem-solve several difficult cases. Through her experience and ability to analyze a situation, Ann creates a personalized plan covering an individual’s medical, care, legal, and financial issues and options. Ann recruits and works with other professionals to serve the individual’s needs. She identifies and mobilizes necessary services for each family.

Through Healthy Aging Matters, Ann provides expert coaching and mediation for families, and their loved ones. She is available to communicate with families via phone, email, or Skype; regardless of location. While her focus is dementia care coaching, she has the skills to identify and address many related aging issues, while helping organize an elderly loved ones total care needs.

For the past 25 years Ann Quinlan has provided expert care management and dementia educational services to help navigate an elderly loved one’s total care needs and connect families the appropriate resources. Ann has served my clients with skilled dedication and it is a comfort to know that she will continue to do so, in the future.

—Timothy M. Vogel, Esq.
Senior Attorney, Vogel & Dubois
Portland, Maine